Meet baby Scarlett, the new recipient of the Doug The Pug Foundation.

Meet baby Scarlett, the new recipient of the Doug The Pug Foundation.

Meet our newest friend and Doug the Pug Foundation recipient, Baby Scarlett!

Scarlet was born on Feb 26, happy and healthy to her parents Trevor and Chalisse. 4 months later, they received a diagnosis that has forever changed their lives... Baby Scarlet has Lissencephaly, which is a rare birth defect involving an abnormally smooth brain. Children who have this can have trouble feeding; failure to thrive; intellectual impairment; muscle spasms; and life-threatening seizures.

There is no cure, and Scarlett needs supervision 24/7. Even one seizure can be fatal if not attended to.

Her parents both work full time and alternate taking her to daily doctor visits and physical therapy.
At nighttime, they sleep in shifts, so Scarlett is never alone, in case of a seizure.

The money we raise here will go towards helping them with their medical bills, hiring a night nurse and eventually finding a seizure dog for sweet Scarlett!

Please consider donating to Baby Scarlett to help alleviate some of these financial burdens and lessen load for her sweet family.


Click the donate button and give to Scarlett's fundraising campaign.

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