Doug the Pug and his Humans team up with Sing Me A Story

Doug the Pug and his Humans team up with Sing Me A Story

Healing comes in all forms and with this project, we’ve helped our friend, Leanor turn her story into a song!


At 8 years old, Leanor complained of leg pain, which her parents, like most, considered were growing pains. As the pain progressed, she went for an MRI that identified a mass 2x larger than her tibia. Leanor was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer that affects only 200 kids and young adults in the U.S. annually. Since then, she has gone through aggressive treatments including chemotherapy and surgery to remove her right fibula.

Inspired by her positivity and tenacity, Leanor was selected to meet Doug the Pug and his humans, Leslie and Rob. As songwriters themselves, Leslie and Rob used Leanor and her sister, Dot's story as inspiration to create a song that was recorded and given as a surprise to Leanor and her family. Our hope is this music will inspire others in the rare disease community to remain resilient.

We partnered with Sing Me a Story, a nonprofit organization and the Horizon Therapeutic’s #RAREis program, to support families and children in need and to help them share their story in a new, impactful way.

Through the #RAREis program, Horizon will match up to $35,000 in donations to bring awareness to rare diseases and support Doug the Pug Foundation and Sing Me A Story. The completed song has been added to Horizon’s #RAREis playlist where we hope it will continue to raise money for Sing Me a Story and The Doug the Pug Foundation and the mission they share.


You can listen to Leanor’s song here and donate to our shared cause!

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